Greener Grass




Interesting, creative, weird, but full of misfires, and ultimately pretty hollow. Unless you have a vendetta against suburbia you'll probably want to skip this one.


Excellent set design, excellent wardrobe, terrible script. It's a shame, the film had every opportunity to be absolutely scathing, but the writing fell completely flat. I'm sure there was a message somewhere in the plot, but it was either too abstract or went over my head.


  • Setting up the serial killer and not killing anyone (onscreen) is a pretty big Chekhov's gun foul.
  • Scenes that were funny moreso because they were perplexing rather than satirical.
  • Tactical use of colors and wardrobe, but is was difficult to draw any intentional messages from them.
  • Confusingly abstract "reveal" (children playing soccer on graves).
  • The film takes place in modern-day reality instead of an alternate reality, which threw me off (mentions Europe and Cinncinati). Is everywhere distopian or just that particular neighborhood?